The start of the man cave redo

My hubby has been wanting to redo the man cave.  Right now it is just a hodgepodge of furniture and décor.  Of course he has a large tv, every man cave’s essential component.

We have been wanting to do something with pallet wood.  We scored the mother load at a construction site.  I think we ended up with 30 pallets.  Hubby wanted to cover the front of the bar, one wall of the room and the walls going down the stairwell.  He also wants to put corrugated metal as the wainscoting.  Corrugated metal is phase two.  Right now phase 1 is the wood.


Breaking down the pallets was a huge job.  We started by trying to pry the wood off.  You can do that, but its really hard to do and time consuming.  So we took a sawzall and cut right through the nails.  This leaves the nail head in the wood, but we really liked that look.


After we broke down the pallets, we pressure washed all the wood.  Let dry for several days and then lightly sanded each piece.

We took several pieces of wood and tried different stains, but decided to leave them natural.  Some pieces were more weathered than others, so they did look different.



We started with the stairwell, the entrance to the room.  I have to admit, it was hard to figure out the angle to cut the wood to match the slope of the stairs, but once that was figured out, it went up pretty easy.

One tip, you have to either paint the wall behind the wood or put tar paper up on the wall first.  The wood will contract and expand over time and you will see the wall behind it.  We had some black tar paper left over from another project so we stapled that up first.

The walls were looking good, but we needed a handrail.  We got galvanized pipe and made our own handrail.  It will also look great once the galvanized sheeting goes up for the wainscoting.



I think it turned out great.  We are going back and forth if we should seal the wood.  I don’t think you would have to seal it, but may finish it off.

Now on to the wall and bar.


The grand entrance to the man cave.

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