The tale of the table switch a roo

This summer we repainted our kitchen and breakfast nook.  We had a rectangle table and mismatched chairs in our breakfast nook. We needed a change. The before picture.


We painted the kitchen and breakfast nook a green color.  It looked so good, I was wanting to get a new table for the space.  We looked at new dinning room sets.  So expensive!   We decided to do some antiquing and found a beautiful round table that fit the space so much better.  We did buy new chairs. The after is so different.  The space looks so open.


We loved the way it turned out.

The day we were antiquing, we stopped by a yard sale and found this table and chairs for $40.



Apparently, we had table fever that day, and bought that table too.

After some sanding and new stain the table turned out great.


The picture doesn’t do it justice.  We stained the chairs and the table top in a weathered oak stain and it came out a beautiful gray color.


We liked it so much, we took our very small round table out of our dinning room and put the yard sale table there.  This rectangle table fit this space so much better.  We had been living with the wrong sized tables in the wrong rooms!

The old, small round table from the dining room, it found its new home in the Man Cave.  Fits that space great! Pics of the Man Cave coming soon.

So that’s my tale of the table switch a roo this summer.  It all started with a gallon of paint.  🙂

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